Termite Treatment
and Control

Shield Your Home or Business
Property From the Devastation
of Termites

Termite Treatment and Control

Shield Your Home or Business Property From the Devastation of Termites

Expert Termite Control in Sydney

Without powerful and effective termite treatment, your home or business premises are at serious risk from attack and infestation.

Causing substantial damage to your property, these silent menaces can reside in and around your building for years without being detected. Once established, they’re challenging to eradicate, lead to significant property repair costs, and will devastate the market value of your bricks and mortar.

At Hills Guardian Pest Control, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians are masters of identifying termite activity, destroying any resident pests, and preventing future infestations.

Termites — Australia’s Silent Building Assassins

Also known as white ants, termites are mainly subterranean insects attracted towards homes and buildings — desiring the property’s moisture, warmth, carbon dioxide (CO2), and food sources — mainly the cellulose in its timbers. 

These creatures are remarkably tenacious — they don’t require sleep, munch away at your property 24 hours a day, can travel up to 80 metres from their nest, and have queens that can live up to the age of 25 years.

And the most scary aspect is, when you finally notice them, you already have a serious infestation.

They can remain undetected for years — and not just eating through your property’s wood structure. Termites inside your house will happily destroy floorboards, furniture, insulation, books, and filtration systems.

Termites cause over $1 billion of property damage in Australia annually.

Infest three out of five properties in NSW alone.

Are masters of camouflage and their presence isn’t obvious.

Your homeowner insurance doesn’t cover termite damage.

Enter your buildings through cracks in concrete, weep holes, and fly in during the warmer months.

Live in underground colonies — hidden away from view.

The queen can produce up to 20000 new termites every day.

Hills Guardian — Delivering Formidable Termite Pest Control

Your residential or commercial property deserves the ultimate termite protection — delivered by the family-run and owned Hills Guardian Pest Control.

After an initial inspection by a trained, certified, and accredited technician — whether or not you suspect the existence of termites — we will suggest the most appropriate lines of defence and attack suitable for your circumstances.

Our most effective methods include:

Termite baiting stations — e.g. Exterra, a white ant treatment that draws in the termites, who then return to the nest and distribute the fatal bait to the rest of the nest.

Chemical soil treatments — e.g. Termidor, insecticide liquids applied to the soil directly, or through a reticulation system, that creates a termite barrier against concealed entry into the building.

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Exterra and Termidor Termite Treatment in Sydney

At Hills Guardian, we pride ourselves on only utilising the most effective, safe, and respected termite treatments currently available — providing the ultimate in safeguarding for your home or commercial premises.

In our experience, the premier products are Exterra and Termidor.

Exterra — Termite Baiting and Interception

Like a medieval castle wall — individual bait stations surround your property at three-metre intervals, delivering an almost impenetrable defensive zone — intercepting the pests before they reach your premises.

Specialised termite attractants beneath each bait station react with the soil to produce CO2 — a powerful lure for the carbon dioxide-loving insects. Unable to resist, the termites head into the stations to investigate. Checked every seven weeks, as soon as we detect termite activity, we fill the stations with a feast of delicious — albeit fatal — Requiem bait.

Thinking they’ve found the perfect food for their colony, they carry the bait back to their nests, to allow their timber-eating comrades to enjoy a hearty meal. Unfortunately, the Requiem leads to their demise.

Non-toxic to humans and pets.

Exterra is preferred by termites to actual timber.

Termites die gradually — they remain unaware Exterra is the cause.

Environmentally friendly.

Can be used safely against termites inside the house if activity is detected.

Targets termites directly, with little disruption to your property.

No injection or excavation.

Long-term defence.

Termidor — Chemical Soil Treatment

Creating an invisible and undetectable barrier around your premises — Termidor is the hidden weapon against termites.

The truth is, termites are masters of survival. They may not look like anti-espionage experts, but they can identify residual insecticides and chemicals in soil — avoiding any areas they suspect to be contaminated.

Applied as a liquid termite spray into soil, trenches, and foundations in and around your property — Termidor is sneakily undetectable to termites. Unaware that anything is awry, they wander and burrow through the treatment — where it adheres to their exoskeletons and acts as a poison.

When they continue to work through active tunnels, they unwittingly distribute the Termidor from termite to termite through bodily contact — creating a rapidly escalating domino effect. Although slow acting on individual creatures — allowing it to be effectively passed on before their demise.

Applied directly into the ground or through a termite reticulation system.

Bespoke Transfer Effect — passing treatment from termite to termite.

Long-lasting treatment — up to eight years.

Can be applied pre and post-building construction.

May require some drilling.

Beneath the soil surface — reducing the likelihood of human or pet contact.

Exterra v Termidor

With termite eradication and prevention our speciality — we will inspect your property and recommend the most suitable treatment and product for your specific circumstances.

We consider your building type, location, presence of humans and animals, extent of the termite problem, and inherent risks, threats, and challenges. Then, discuss with you our suggested course of action.

Generally speaking, Exterra is a less-invasive and environmentally friendly option — ideal for homes and commercial premises with relatively shallow foundations, or with footfall sensitive to insecticide treatments.

Conversely, Termidor requires more intense application — which may include extensive drilling, ground penetration, or installation of a reticulation system — although it can be highly effective for the right property.

Furthermore, we can also consider treatment alternatives such as Sentricon or Trelona as substitutes for Exterra.

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What Our Customers Say

“I first contacted HGPC more than 20 years ago after finding termites in my home. I received multiple quotes, and they were not only affordable but the most professional in their approach…Since then, I have had HGPC treat all my homes and my work, for all pest-related issues… It still remains a…family-run business with…extra team members that have become very familiar faces.”

Ingrid, Denistone

“Professional and courteous service. Troy arrived punctually and did a thorough termite inspection this week. He even helped us with finding rabbit holes along the fence, and offering advice about what to do with the python that he discovered on the roof! Thank you so much, Troy.”

Linda, Kenthurst

Our Complete Termite Control Service

At Hills Guardian Pest Control, we provide a comprehensive defence against termites — both to address and prevent infestations.

1. Inspection

We will check your home, commercial building, and outbuildings for signs of termite activity, identify the type of termite should we notice their presence, and assess the extent of the issue.

2. Recommendation

Based on our findings, we will suggest the most suitable treatment and methods. Our knowledgeable technicians will take into account business, family, and construction restraints and opportunities — for the most effective action.

3. Termite Elimination

Once we have agreed on the treatment and control procedure with you, we will begin to eradicate the invaders. At all times, our amiable team will — wherever possible — aim to minimise either home or business disruption.

4. Protection

Elimination is only half of the process — we need to ensure your termite problem doesn’t recur. Our technicians will discuss with you proactive measures — both chemical and bait treatments, and areas for you to personally address — to shield against re-infestation.

Hills Guardian — Your Termite Eliminating Partner in Sydney

Termites can devastate your property, causing you distress, anxiety, and extensive repair costs — Hills Guardian Pest Control tirelessly defends and rescues your home or commercial building from infestation.

With dedication, honesty, and diligence — the driving forces behind our family-owned and run service — our in-house licensed technicians are the experts in termite solutions. 

Operating across the Hills District and beyond, we’re committed to delivering only the pinnacle of uninvited guest eradication and prevention.

Termite Control and Prevention FAQs

How Long Does It Take for Exterra To Work?

Generally speaking, Exterra will eradicate termites in about four months. However, this timescale can be affected by:

  • Size of the termites’ nest.
  • Time of year — more rapid in summer due to termites being more active.
  • Moult cycle.
  • Severity of the termite infestation.

What Are Flying Termites?

These winged invaders are alates (termites) that have left their colony looking to establish a new nest. When they land, their wings drop off — so if you see a significant number of these wings on your porch or veranda, you may have, or are about to have, a termite colony on your property or surrounds.

Should you see any flying termites or the dropped wings of termites outside your house — call Hills Guardian immediately. We can prevent a small issue from rapidly becoming a serious problem.

Where Can I Find a Termguard Reticulation System Repairer?

Hills Guardian can repair and replace the now-defunct Termguard system.

What Is the Termite Treatment Price?

The cost of termite treatment and prevention depends on numerous factors, including:

  • Size of infestation.
  • Type of treatment and prevention used.
  • Scope of your property.
  • Ease of access to groundworks — for chemical barriers.

At Hills Guardian, our honest and transparent pricing system ensures the most affordable termite eradication and shielding in Sydney.

How Do I Know if My Property Has Termites?

Concerningly, it’s common to have a termite infestation and be completely unaware of their presence — until it’s too late.

In cases of severe infestations, you may see some tell-tale indicators, including:

  • Witnessing flying termites or their dropped wings.
  • Hollow-sounding wood when tapped with your knuckles.
  • Mudding tubes in soil and building foundations.
  • Wood-coloured termite droppings.
  • Sagging or warping structural timbers, floors, and ceilings.

However, in the earlier stages of termite presence, only an experienced technician can identify an infestation. Call Hills Guardian today to arrange an inspection and discuss possible termite treatment.

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