Commercial Pest Control

Keep Commercial Spaces Pest-Free
With Professional Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Keep Commercial Spaces Pest-Free With Professional Pest Control

Pest Control for Your Business

Termites, insects, spiders, rodents and other infestations can cause havoc in your workplace — allow Hills Guardian to defend your valuable business with powerful and effective commercial pest control.

Although small, these unwanted invaders can cause significant issues — from building and stock damage through to financial loss and a damaged reputation. And, without rapid and targeted action, these problems will only exacerbate.

Whether you operate a restaurant or retail outlet, a factory or a financial services company — our experienced and knowledgeable team of technicians will create a robust and personally-tailored commercial pest management program, specific to your operation.

Prioritising the health and safety of your employees, customers, and clients — Hills Guardian Pest Control will defend your business from pests. And at all times, ensuring that disruption and downtime are kept to an absolute minimum.

Why Choose Hills Guardian Pest Control?

With Hills Guardian Pest Control, you enjoy the unmatched attention of a family-owned and operated business, while benefiting from our 30 years of commercial pest control experience.

Delivering personalised and focused attention, treatments, and prevention — we say what we will do, when we will do it, and stick strictly to those pledges. Our methods take into account your business type, health and safety factors, and customer and staff protection — while ensuring powerful results.

It’s our mission to forge a long-lasting and trusted partnership through our attention to detail, transparent and honest communication, and commitment to providing an unparalleled service.

On-site evaluations.

Minimising disruption and downtime.

Customer and staff safety is our priority.

Treatment types and schedules tailored to your business.


30 years of commercial pest treatment experience.

Thorough reporting and compliance.

The Value of a Powerful and Effective Pest Control Solution

Troublesome uninvited guests can strike your enterprise at any time — irrespective of your business type or location. It’s one of the many wonderful challenges of working in our rich Australian climate.

However, these invaders are more than a nuisance — they can seriously impact your operation and trading ability. Our commercial pest control services have the valuable benefits of:

Preventing financial loss — serious infestations can temporarily or permanently close your operation, harming your trade.

Boosting staff working conditions and morale.

Preventing litigation from employees, customers, or statutory bodies.

Maintaining your business reputation.

Safeguarding stock from pest damage.

Defending the value and structural integrity of your commercial property.

Adhering to regulatory standards.

Boost Your Reputation, Shield Against Litigation, and Protect Against Financial Loss With Our Business Pest Control

What Our Customers Say

“We used Hills Guardian for a termite infestation in our dental surgery in Quakers Hill, and found them to be first-rate. Troy is very professional and efficient, and Jeanette could not be more helpful. Recommend them any time. Many thanks, Hills Guardian!”

Sandra, Quakers Hill

“I have been using Hills Guardian Pest for my…business premises for over 22 years. I love that they are family-owned and operated, always polite, informative, and take the time to explain everything as well as being extremely professional. They are the only pest controllers whom I trust and whose service actually works. Thanks so much, team!”

Courtney, Gledswood

Businesses We Can Help With Our Commercial Pest Services

Whatever your specific enterprise or market sphere, Hills Guardian Pest Control will provide you with unbeatable protection — backed by trust, integrity, and punctuality.

While we can defend and assist any business type, our most common clients include operations in the following sectors:


Whether you run a takeaway, fine-dining restaurant, or cafe — guaranteeing your customer’s safety with impeccable food standards is crucial. Our pest control for restaurants services ensure your workplace meets all FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) requirements.

Cockroach and rodent infestations not only contaminate food and cause illness — but can also severely damage your reputation, and temporarily or permanently close your enterprise.

Schools, Universities, and Preschools

From private educational institutions to government schools, language academies to technical colleges — we will safeguard your premises, teachers, lecturers, pupils and students from pest infestations.

Our targeted pest control for schools includes the use of treatments that pose no hazards to your staff, or younger or older children — and defend lecture halls, classrooms, cafeterias, and gyms from unwanted invaders.


Stored goods, cardboard boxes, and wooden pallets are seriously attractive to both insects and rodents. Warehouse pest contamination is not only unhygienic, but can also lead to costly stock damage and diminished packaging integrity.

Our robust warehouse pest control program defends your premises — preventing physical and financial loss, and safeguarding your stock inventory. Furthermore, it promotes an organised, healthy, and pleasant working environment for your staff.

Retirement Villages

With seniors being more susceptible to infection and disease than younger members of the population — the value of retirement village pest control shouldn’t be underestimated. Rodents, roaches, and bed bugs can cause a plethora of infections and respiratory problems — and cause costly litigation against your enterprise.

Furthermore, the presence of pests severely harms your public image and can cause fear, stress, and anxiety for mature residents. Our robust retirement village pest control schedules ensure your premises remain creepy-crawly-free for the long term — and promote healthy and contented senior residents.


Medical care facilities — including hospitals, dental surgeries, hospices, and nursing homes — are time bombs for pest problems. The continual footfall, food and medical waste, warm temperatures, and extensive bedding are all desirable for cockroaches, bed bugs, and rodents. Combine these temptations with vulnerable and aged patients — and you can have serious issues.

Our structured medical facility and hospital pest control procedures — including eradication, monitoring, and prevention — ensure your premises remain sterile, clean, and hygienic. Safeguarding your patients, visitors, and care staff from pest risk.


From single office rentals through to serviced blocks — we can protect your workspaces and staff with our comprehensive office pest control programs. Suspended ceilings, food and paper waste, electrical cabling, and climate control all offer bugs and rodents an attractive haven. We will eradicate any existing problems and guard against re-infestation.

Our services include addressing both the outside and inside of the premises, paying particular attention to the rodent and insect’s favoured residences and runs — walls, partitions, ceilings, roofs, and floors.


As with any medical care facilities, veterinary surgeries must be sanitary and hygienic. Yet troublesome fleas, bugs, and rodents — attracted by food waste, medical waste, faeces, and discarded fur — can jeopardise the safety of your premises, for staff, clients, and pets.

Allowing us to clean and defend your practice with a structured vet’s pest control plan safeguards wellbeing — both human and animal — promotes a pleasant and comfortable working environment, and encourages a positive impression for your customers.

Property Management Companies

Rodents, termites, and insects can cause significant damage to your properties and make them highly undesirable for prospective or current tenants. And, if the premises are vacant for a significant time, the risk of infestation is heightened.

Our pest control for property management companies defends the structural integrity of your buildings while promoting a comfortable and desirable living and rental environment. We can forge powerful schedules, including regular inspections, monitoring, and treatments — whether your properties are tenanted or untenanted.


A robust retail pest control program maintains statutory health and safety regulations, defends your product stock, and creates a pleasant shopping experience for your valued customers. 

Rodents, cockroaches, and other insects can eat away at packaging and create health hazards. Maintain your selling space, boost your reputation, and elevate customer loyalty with our retail pest control plan — including scheduled inspections, focused treatments, and proactive safeguarding.

Boost Your Reputation, Shield Against Litigation, and Protect Against Financial Loss With Our Business Pest Control

Hills Guardian Pest Control — Defending Sydney’s Proud Businesses

Our mission is to safeguard your business — today and for the future.

Driven by our family values of honesty, integrity, and dedication, Hills Guardian Pest Control will work relentlessly to keep your business premises pest-free — throughout the Hills District and beyond.

From initial inspection and issue identification, through to thorough treatment and ongoing prevention — you’re assured the pinnacle in insect, arthropod, and rodent extermination and management.

Always friendly, and continually professional, we ensure your valuable business receives the optimum commercial pest control it deserves — defending your premises, staff and customers, and protecting your crucial bottom line.

Commercial Business Pest Control FAQs

Why Is Pest Control Important for My Business?

Effective pest control keeps your building, contents, and stock free from damage, ensures a healthy space for staff and customers, helps you adhere to statutory legislation, and prevents costly litigation. Furthermore, a robust rodent and insect control policy defends your crucial reputation.

What Sort of Pests Do Commercial Pest Control Companies Safeguard Against?

The best commercial pest companies will perform an onsite assessment to identify the infestation problem, and then provide the most suitable treatment to address the issue.

Most commonly, the pests treated include termites, ants, wasps, cockroaches, bed bugs, carpet beetles, fleas, lice, mosquitoes, rodents, silverfish, woodborers, and spiders.

What Is the Process for Pest Treatment for Businesses?

All treatments are tailored to address a business’s particular infestation problem. However, in most circumstances, the process follows this plan:

  1. Inspection.
  2. Identify the rodent, insect, or bug type.
  3. Analyse how and why the infestation occurred.
  4. Selection of appropriate treatment and action for the pest type.
  5. Address the issue with the most suitable remedial action.
  6. Ongoing monitoring and retreatment where required.

Are Commercial Pest Treatments Safe for Staff, Customers, and Clients?

Yes. In virtually all circumstances, pest-control treatments are dangerous to bugs, insects, and rodents — but present no danger to humans.

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